There are many other different recycling line machines besides shredders that they are necessary in every section of recycling process. Thanks to Recycling Lines latest technology and know-how, we offer you high quality recycling machines that we can able to manufacture and sell. Here you can examine various types of washing and separation systems.

Properties Of Washing and Separation Systems

  1. Recoverable plastics coming from domestic waste end up mostly in landfills.

  2. Strong polymer chains in plastic are extremely resistant to natural bio degradation processes.

  3. Therefore landfills are overloaded with plastic wastes shortening lifespan of these landfills.

  4. Since many municipalities or garbage collection companies are realizing value in garbage, sorting facilities sector is growing up to recover packaging waste.

  5. But plastics which recovered from domestic waste are highly contaminated with organic waste.


Washing and Separation Systems

  1. Another important source for recoverable plastics are agricultural sector.

  2. Plastics coming from end of use waste in agriculture such as greenhouse covers, irrigation pipes create thousand of tons of waste plastics every year.

  3. These plastics waste also contain contaminants, such as dirt, sand, mud etc.

  4. There are many other sectors creating tons of waste plastics which can be recovered.

  5. For recovering these kind of plastics, plastic washing lines are necessary.

High Performance

Low Power Consumption

Low Maintenance Cost

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