There are many other different recycling line machines besides shredders that they are necessary in every section of recycling process. Thanks to Recycling Lines latest technology and know-how, we offer you high quality recycling machines that we can able to manufacture and sell. Here you can examine various types of solid waste sorting machines.

Properties of Solid Waste Sorting Machines


  1. Blokage free prescreening of household waste, industrial and bulky waste can be achived by using finger screen which sometimes called bar screen.

  2. Vibrating main screen placed on spring over chasis.

  3. By AC vibration motors, finger screen separates bulky material from heavier fraction.

  4. Screen is equipped with certain sized holes as well as finger shaped steel pipes which help avoid blokage and separate bulky waste such as paper, catoons, plastic etc.

Solid Waste Sorting Machines


  1. Trommel screen is a mechanical classification machine used to separate materials in solid waste processing plants.

  2. Perforated cylindrical drum rotate in certain speed. Size separation is achieved as solid waste spirals down the rotating drum.

  3. Holes on drum are different sized in different sections of the drum. Each section with different sized holes separate certain sized material.

  4. Trommel screens are important part of the municipal waste separation in the screening process to classify sizes of solid waste.

Trommel Screen


  1. Chain conveyors are used to feed mixed solid waste into separation systems.

  2. Instead of using rubber bands, these conveyors work with specially designed profile steel sheets attached to steel chain which provide durability against every kind of waste streams.

Chain Conveyor

High Performance

Low Power Consumption

Low Maintenance Cost

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