There are many other different recycling line machines besides shredders that they are necessary in every section of recycling process. Thanks to Recycling Lines latest technology and know-how, we offer you high quality recycling machines that we can able to manufacture and sell. Here you can examine various types of conical press.

Properties of Conical Press

  1. Conical press machines are used for removing water from thin walled plastic material in the recycling process.

  2. After washing of the loose thin walled plastics, removing water from reclaimed plastic is a challenging task.

  3. Our conical press machines squeeze plastic scrap under high mechanical pressure and due to the perforated barrel of extrusion machine, water can be removed from plastic effectively.

  4. Centrifuge machines are not effective for removing water from material when plastic is bulky and loose.


Conical Press

  1. Therefore, thin-walled plastics such as polyethylene film and polypropylene sacks or straps are difficult to dry after washing.

  2. These thin-walled plastics can carry water as much as their own weight.

  3. In these kinds of situations, squeezing these plastics is the only way of removing water.

  4. Our conical press machines can do this task effectively and economically.

High Performance

Low Power Consumption

Low Maintenance Cost

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