Recycling Line manufacture and sell electronic waste recycling line or e-waste recycling line that can be customize according to requirements of our clients. To reach the required type of end product we will offer you many different types of solutions. Usual input material of the e-waste recycling line can be all kind of electronic waste. Here you can find details and specifications of the recycling lines that we can able to provide you.


  1. Shredder. A powerful, high-speed Ring Shredder for size reduction of WEEE scrap enabling the majority of ferrous material to be removed.

  2. Electro Magnet. Removal of liberated Fe.

  3. Eddy Current Separator (ECS). This Eddy Current Separator ensures the separation of large size pieces of non-ferrous metals from the organic/wire fraction.

  4. Tumble Back Feeder. This machine ensures a continuous flow into the Multi Purpose Rasper thus ensuring an optimum load/utilization of the Multi Purpose Rasper.

  5. Multi Purpose Rasper. This machine is an effective, mediumspeed, single shaft Rasper designed for WEEE recycling. It ensures individual size reduction down to approx. 12 mm.


Electronic Waste Recycling Line

  1. Overband Magnet. Removal of liberated Fe.

  2. Heavy Granulator. A high-speed, single shaft Heavy Granulator for the final granulation stage.

  3. Air Separation Table. The Separation Table is used for the final separation of the mixed fraction into an organic (plastic) fraction and a mixed metal fraction.

  4. Classifier. The Classifier will effectively remove copper and aluminium fines from the plastic fraction coming from air separation table. It consists of two layers of screens and a bottom tray.

High Performance

Low Power Consumption

Low Maintenance Cost

Low Processing Costs

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